About us

We are a group of hardcore fantasy sports and football fanatics who are bored with the current fantasy offerings on the market for our favorite sport.

We wanted to make fantasy football a more involved and competitive experience.

Field Fantasy was developed using the best aspects auction style games and football management simulators.

Incorporating a live auction for players, managers can have a unique team and go head to head against their friends (other managers) in their league. With the ability to buy, sell, and deal players [no laws against back-room dealings here!], change squad formations and make live substitutions during match days, the game enables managers to be strategic and earn a coveted win.

Create a League

  • 2 to 20 even number teams

Conduct an Auction

  • Choose from Live and Blind type auctions

Manage Your Squad

  • Player Economy for Transfers and Acquisitions
  • Real Formations
  • In-Match Substitutions